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Frequently Asked Questions

Luxe Construction is the one stop solution for all your construction needs .We provide stress free service to our customer with best-in quality construction. Not only this you also get regular updates and on-time delivery.

Luxe Construction charges a basic price of Rs.1470* per Sq. Ft.

The amount charged is open for negotiation & may be decreased/increased based on the requirement & the design of the home.

All costs for construction including design & execution. The cost also includes finishing items like sanitary fixtures, doors & windows. See our packages here for a better understanding

Yes, Luxe Construction is a reputed organisation paying all statutory. The cost mentioned includes GST & no additional taxes are charged

There are no hidden charges in Luxe Construction. Download our detailed packages to understand better

Luxe Construction offers 3% of the total project cost as retention to our clients, payable upon handover only

We provide a two month buffer period.

All the work done by Luxe Construction is handled and performed by the best-in-class in-house Architects & Civil Engineers.

To the extent possible, Luxe Construction will help in getting necessary plans sanctioned along with other government approvals.

All stages are divided into smaller stages of payments payable only after completion of a particular stage. These stages are clearly defined in the agreement even before signing of agreement

It is the designing of safe and economical specification of a structure, & to ensure that a planned structure will be sufficiently strong to carry out its purpose.

The main objective of the Structural Design is to provide safety, stability and to improve the performance of the structure.

When the structural design is well done, it allows flexibility in architectural design.

Right from the initial kick-off each home construction will have a qualified Site Engineer.

Our Architecture Team & Design Team will be specifically working on your project to ensure top notch design.

Yes, we do!

No! What We Design, We Execute!

Yes! Luxe Construction provides

  • Over 600 elevations of homes
  • Over 1000 floor plans of various home sizes
  • Over 600 designs of windows, window grills, staircase railing

To help you understand the design process.

Luxe Construction provides regular check-ins so that you can be rest-assured that everything is going smoothly.

In addition, we have constructed many homes with clients living abroad who have come back only for their housewarming!

  • WhatsApp
    A WhatsApp group is created which will include You, the Site Engineer assigned and every necessary person working on Your home
  • Email
    A daily update is provided to You and any official authorization or order will be sent via e-mail for confirmation

  • We provide a 10 year Warranty on the Waterproofing.
  • Anti-Termite Treatment with minimum of 10 years of guarantee.
  • We provide 1 year construction warranty.

It is the process of maintaining the moisture and temperature condition of concrete for hydration.

Between 7 to 14 days.

As it is Your home, you will have the final say on all things that will be used in Your home.

  • Wire – Copper wire, Finolex or Polycab
  • Switches – Anchor/ Roma Switches

Aesthetically steel and concrete lofts are obsolete, and thereby, not included.
However, if the clients desires for one, we shall provide it.

53 Grade – OPC & PPC

We hope to have provided you answers for all initial queries which You may have.
If you need any further clarifications, please get in touch with our Team who will be happy to help!