Project Management

Luxe Construction Consulting support companies and top executives with extensive competence in business models, organizational structures, processes and systems to successfully align, efficiently integrate and manage efforts of all stakeholders including consultants, contractors, suppliers, etc. We review every detail of all projects, set-up objectives, plan and prioritize, manage and control the project’s development and identify and solve problems. This service is meant to support, facilitate and implement project management processes to enable successful project delivery.

LUXE Construction Consulting’s comprehensive project management services help clients keep multiple, interrelated projects in sync, on-time and within budgets. LUXE Construction Consulting assist our clients reduce their capital programs’ uncertainty and risk. As a Project Manager serves as a single point of management for the entire design and construction process, we streamline oversight, saving clients significant time and energy. At the same time establish and maintain quality control standards throughout the process and reduce problems during execution.
Our experienced professionals and technical staff work with the client to define, plan, implement and integrate every aspect of each project, we thoroughly analyse the challenges faced by companies and create tailored action plans to overcome them.
Clients will be able to stay one step ahead in an ever-shifting business landscape. This role is essentially a managing role on behalf of our Clients, with LUXE working alongside clients as their partners and taking a hands-on role in coaching them to utilise advanced methods, implement long-term plans sustainably and re-design their strategy and execution.

In this role, LUXE manages all project processes related to:

Design Management – Overview and monitoring of Design & Budget validation by the architects & engineers.

Value engineering – Suggestions in the Design and Procurement stages based on experience gained from a wide range of projects delivered.

Procurement – Pre-qualification of contractors/vendors, Tendering, Negotiations and Contracts Award.

Construction Management – Coordination and integration of all trades with controls on Safety, Quality, Time, Cost and Change Management.
Commissioning & start-up coordination – including Snag List closeout.

Contracts closure – built drawings, O&M manuals & related documentation.

Project Hand-over.