Construction Management

Construction management at Luxe Construction Consulting is a project delivery system from our toolbox in which we facilitate both design and construction by organizing people, materials and equipment. This project delivery model provides a better project value than the traditional design-build method — AKA general contracting. Construction management allows us to enter into true partnerships with our clients and the rest of the professional team, acting in their interest and managing every element of the project through design, procurement and selection and beyond to delivery. This allows for the best of both worlds, enabling us to manage design and procurement and drive successful delivery.

Luxe Construction Consulting offer both commercial and residential project management expertise from small to large construction projects. Our approach is built on cutting-edge technological processes, efficient time management and liaison with cost-effective contractors to deliver a forward-thinking project management strategy that allows us to work smarter for our clients.

This service model is an effective solution for site delivery of projects where architects & engineers are already engaged by our Client and have brought the project to tendering / post-tendering stage. With LUXE acting as an extended arm for our clients on the project, we lead every aspect of build — from well before ground breaking until long after the ribbon-cutting.

LUXE manages all construction management processes related to procurement, execution of works, commissioning and hand-over, including interaction with consultants, architects with regards to design delivery in line with construction requirements.